Tobi Weirich
Protective Services and Guardianship Manager

Tobi Weirich serves as ADEC’s Protective Services and Guardianship Manager. Tobi investigates all reports of alleged abuse, neglect and exploitation while also leading ADEC’s guardianship program, which is designed to protect individuals with disabilities and help them make important medical and personal decisions. ADEC has been a part of Tobi’s life since she was a child, when she volunteered for Ride-A-Bike and other events with her mom and sister. Because Tobi’s aunt worked at ADEC, Tobi also remembers spending holidays with individuals from ADEC who had nowhere else to go. As soon as Tobi turned 18 and met the requirements to work for ADEC, she applied to begin her career, which has spanned nearly 15 years. She started at ADEC as a direct support professional and then transitioned to the role of a guardian advocate before being promoted to her current position in 2017. “It’s not just a job. It’s a way of life. It’s what we do. We’re here for a reason, and that is to serve the people who deserve the best life possible,” Tobi said of her calling to work for ADEC.