ADEC offers behavior therapy program for individuals seeking self-improvement

Everyone wants to do a little self-improvement. But it's difficult. If it was simple, there wouldn't be an $11 billion industry dedicated to helping Americans achieve results in personal growth. Like all people, the individuals we serve at ADEC and their [...]

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ADEC’s newest receptionist beat cancer and is loving life

Vincent BeCraft is the first person greeting visitors to ADEC's administration building and he always gives a hearty: 'Have a great day!' as they're leaving. Part of the reason he says it with such conviction is because not too long ago, [...]

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ADEC therapy program expands into new location with more space to play, make music

ADEC now has a team of five therapists who use music and play to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities develop new skills and accomplish individual goals.

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National disability advocate Frank Stephens earns a standing ovation at ADEC’s Annual Celebration

ADEC could not think of a better person than Frank Stephens to help us celebrate the people we serve.

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ADEC celebrates Boss’s Day: Employees give shout-outs to their supervisors for support, leadership

October 16 is National Boss's Day across the country. We all know that a boss can be the difference between a job you love and one that you dread. As we have learned from members of #teamADEC, we have a strong [...]

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Frank Stephens to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month with ADEC on Oct. 25

At ADEC, we like to think that the extra chromosome found in individuals with Down syndrome is pure awesomeness.Because October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, we will be celebrating all of that awesomeness with a special keynote speaker on Oct. 25.We [...]

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From the heart: ADEC CEO Donna Belusar salutes direct support professionals

Across the United States, during the week of September 9–15, 2018, we take the opportunity to highlight and say "thank you" to the dedicated and innovative direct support workforce.  We, here at ADEC, genuinely honor the compassion and dedication of our [...]

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Connor Reynolds finds employment at EFP through ADEC

He likes Marvel, Muppets and making things. And, as it turns out, he’s pretty good at making things — like the protective foam packaging that keeps your online purchases safe during delivery. After roughly nine months of job hunting, Connor Reynolds [...]

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ADEC nurses offer compassion in addition to essential medical care to individuals with disabilities

It’s personal connections and patient affection that make it clear this is no ordinary nursing job. Lynn Guthrie walks down a short hallway to one of her favorite patient’s rooms. She’s the longest tenured nurse at ADEC, and many clients know [...]

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