‘We gotta get out of here’: Kenny Minor reclaims a life of his own with ADEC

When his next-door neighbor was murdered in his own home during a drug deal gone wrong, ADEC client Kenny Minor decided it was time to move. Kenny, who moved with his mother and brother to Elkhart from Kentucky, lived on Garfield [...]

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#teamADEC takes on the 2018 Elkhart County 4-H Fair for annual employee appreciation event

With more than 1,000 people to serve in 21 locations across Elkhart and St. Joseph counties, it is no wonder that ADEC employs about 400 people at any given time. Learn more about #teamADEC.

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ADEC summer campers’ activity level grows by ‘Leaps and Bounds’ thanks to Goshen Health grant

Children with disabilities are 38 percent more likely to be obese. With help from the Goshen Health Foundation, ADEC is working to change that.

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Genesis Products volunteers experience magic at visit to Day Service at Bristol

The folks from Genesis Products spent a combined 45 hours volunteering and hanging out with the people ADEC serves at the day service. The volunteers learned about ADEC's mission to offer choice and possibility to the people the nonprofit serves and were then able to see it in action.

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ADEC Industries ‘is a good place to start your life’: Employees deliver public comment to state task force

As ADEC CEO and President Donna Belusar stood at the podium in front of a packed room, she held up a picture of more than a dozen ADEC Industries employees on a recent payday. The 15 individuals, all with intellectual and [...]

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ADEC’s Mike Hedrington celebrates 35 years of helping people with disabilities find dignity, meaning in work

One of ADEC’s four core values is “employment,” and for 35 years Mike has been helping fulfill the mission of helping individuals with disabilities find dignity and meaning through work.

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From the CEO: ADEC Industries offers another choice for employment for individuals with disabilities

Donna L. Belusar is the president and CEO of ADEC. As the state considers the future of services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, Donna advocates to keep ADEC Industries as an option. As I walked through the workshop floor [...]

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Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department officers visit Day Service at Bristol, pick up ADEC art

ADEC clients at the Day Service at Bristol got a surprise visit Tuesday, June 12, from a pair of Elkhart County Sheriff's Department officers.

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Deb Buras, invoice and records coordinator for ADEC Industries, celebrates 25 years of employment

When Deb Buras was hired at ADEC in 1993, she never imagined staying for 25 years. Now she couldn't imagine retiring anyplace else. Deb, who grew up in South Bend, was unhappy with her work in accounts payable. Her brother, who [...]

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