Donna BelusarDonna L. Belusar, Ph.D.
President & CEO

Donna L. Belusar, Ph.D. was named President and CEO of ADEC in the fall of 2013 after her hire as CFO in 2012. Prior to her tenure at ADEC, Donna served as a senior vice president with CTS Corporation in Elkhart for four years. In this role, she acted as CFO and oversaw Human Resources and IT. Belusar spent 26 years climbing the ranks at International Business Machines Corporation. In the last eight years of her time with IBM, she worked as the corporate headquarters program manager, executive director of internal audits for corporate, Americas and Asia Pacific and executive finance director for global financing in the United States, Brazil and Mexico.  Donna holds an honorary doctoral degree in corporate enterprise management from Binghamton University, an MBA in finance from Binghamton University and a BS in business engineering from Michigan Technological University.

When asked why she enjoys working at ADEC, Donna says, “Being part of ADEC and our community is professionally and personally rewarding. I feel all my prior work experience and my personal achievements have led me to be where I am today – here at ADEC – connected with the community and raising the dreams and aspirations of those who we serve. The lasting positive impact ADEC services provides is so rewarding – in the lives of the individuals we serve to the families that count on us to be there and provide guidance, to the extended communities where we are engaged every day, to our donors who trust and see where their generous gifts are going, to the local businesses who hire and provide work, and to our staff who know everything they do is genuinely supported and believed in.   We truly are an organization that provides choice to all and our possibilities are endless. It’s an honor and a privilege to work here.”