Michelle McGuin
Vice President of Nonresidential Operations

Michelle serves in an operational role at ADEC, leading ADEC’s family, day and employment services. Within Family Services, Michelle oversees summer camp, after school programming, transitions, Guiding Parents to Services, Sibshops, therapies, autism services, respite and young adult group. ADEC’s Employment Services include ADEC Industries and Community Employment. She came to ADEC in January of 2001 to oversee the First Steps program and serve as a case manager for waiver services. When the First Steps program was discontinued at ADEC, she grew the Family Services department to offer the wide range of services listed above. In 2016, due to her experience and knowledge of transitions and waiver processes, Michelle took the helm of Employment Services as well.  In 2017, Michelle also stepped up to lead ADEC’s five day service locations, where individuals with disabilities learn new skills. Prior to her time at ADEC, Michelle spent 19 years as a behavioral counselor at Behavioral Healthcare Services. She holds a Master of Public Health degree from Cambridge State University and a BA in psychology from Indiana University. When asked why she enjoys working at ADEC, Michelle cites watching families and children develop due to the programs we implement.