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Our Services

ADEC’s services revolve around one mission: Helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities find a life full of choice and possibility. We serve more than 1,000 individuals each year through more than a dozen programs, ranging from music therapy for children to supervised group living for adults.

When a child is first diagnosed with a disability, parents are thrown into a new world with new vocabulary and a maze of government agencies to navigate. Parents want answers and they want hope — ADEC offers both.

ADEC’s professional staff come alongside parents to walk with them each step of the way, whether it’s by providing simple guidance or offering direct services for school-aged children. We’re here for families for every milestone and life transition. We offer the following programs:

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ADEC offers choice and possibility for adults with disabilities. Our programs for adults work toward helping individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities establish a life of their own and realize their full potential.

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At ADEC, we are all about community. We help the people we serve become active parts of their communities, but we also love when the community is an active part of ADEC. We offer several programs that help make that happen:

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