With woodworking, baking, painting, ceramics, jewelry, textiles and custom cards, ADEC has become an arts vendor with a meaningful cause.

In each of our five day service locations, people with developmental and intellectual disabilities work with dedicated and skilled staff members to complete high-quality art projects on a daily basis.

For many people who come to ADEC’s day services, creating art pieces, baking dog bones or assembling woodwork projects is their everyday job. When asked, “What is your job?” they’ll respond right away with, “I’m an artist.”

When you purchase Art by ADEC, 50% of the proceeds go to the artists involved.

The remaining 50% is used to fund ADEC’s art programs so more people can learn to use their creativity.

Visit our gift shop (ADEC Campus in Bristol) or Gaining Grounds Coffee House (Goshen & Middlebury) to purchase Art by ADEC year round.