1. Submit application to Vocational Rehabilitation Services requesting access to their services
  2. Upon confirmation of eligibility for services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services will provide the job seeker with referrals to a number of service providers to choose from, of which ADEC Employment Services is one.
  3. Upon choosing ADEC Employment Services, job seekers are immediately assigned an Employment Consultant who meets jointly with them and their Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor to develop an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) to help identify the job they are ultimately to be placed in and plan the services necessary to reach that job goal.
  4. Begin Job Search process which involves:
    • Meeting with our Certified Social Security Benefits Counselors who assist clients in making informed choices about employment and help bring understanding to how it may impact SSI, SSDI or other government funded programs; such as Food Stamps, HUD Housing, Medicaid and Medicare.
    • Working on resume
    • Scheduling mock interviews with volunteers
    • Providing access to Job Readiness Classes (topics include: hygiene, appropriate work behavior, appropriate conversation topics, phone etiquette, proper introductions)
    • Accompanying clients to job interviews (if desired)
    • Scheduling working interviews for job seekers who may have communication limitations to give them an opportunity to prove to perspective employers that they are capable of completing the various tasks of a particular position.

Post Job Search Services

Once a job seeker has succesfully landed a job, ADEC Employment Services continues to provide support in the form of a Job Coach who attends work orientation with them to ensure they acclimate to their new environment successfully. Additionally, the Job Coach assists by:

  • Taking new employees shopping for appropriate work clothes (if necessary/desired)
  • Helping them get work equipment/ adaptive equipment
  • Providing 1-on-1 job training at the site
  • Periodically check on (typically once a week) and work with some job seekers (for those who qualify) for life of job, will revisit training on the job as needed