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ADEC opened the first Gaining Grounds Coffee Shop in 2009 as a way to establish common ground between the people we serve and our community. The goal was to entice people in with a fresh cuppa joe and keep them coming back for the friendships they form with the individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities we serve at ADEC. It has worked! Stop in any of our Gaining Grounds Coffee Shops, and you’ll see authentic relationships that were formed over a cup of coffee.

Our Gaining Grounds Coffee Shops also brew up opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We proudly employ individuals with disabilities as baristas, and we display the one-of-a-kind artwork created by the people we serve in ADEC’s five day service locations. When you make a purchase from Gaining Grounds — whether it’s a pumpkin spice latte crafted by Sammi in Middlebury, a breakfast-on-the-go from Missy in Goshen or a beautiful painting from Bristol — you are providing choice and possibility to the people we serve at ADEC.

6 ways ADEC is not your ‘AVERAGE JOE’

We've got the right BLEND.

Just as a rich cup of coffee consists of a fine-tuned blend of beans, ADEC has the right blend of nearly 400 professional staff who serve more than 1,000 individuals with disabilities each year.

We ESPRESSO ourselves.

At ADEC, we give the people we serve the tools to express themselves through art, technology, woodworking and more. They sell the pieces they create in our Art by ADEC stores, giving them a paycheck and the knowledge that people find value in the items they create.

We have a LATTE fun.

We don’t just work hard, we play hard. We believe in fun at ADEC, whether it’s a game with the 70-player Silver Bullets basketball team or a trip to the Elkhart County 4-H Fair.

We believe in being ORGANIC.

We like authenticity at ADEC. The coffee we serve up at our Gaining Grounds Coffee Shops is farm-direct, and the people we serve are treated as individuals with dignity. We celebrate each person’s right to lead A Life of Their Own.

We BREW opportunity.

We don’t just brew up a great pot of coffee at ADEC — we also brew opportunity for those we serve. When you purchase a cuppa joe from us, you’re also providing choice and possibility for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.


We don’t just advocate for diversity and inclusion, we put it into practice at ADEC. Stop by one of our Gaining Grounds Coffee Shops and learn about what people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are capable of. Who knows? You might make a new friend.

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our menu

In addition to freshly brewed coffee at each location, our three Gaining Grounds Coffee Shops offer a selection of alternative drinks and snacks.


Our flagship Gaining Grounds Coffee Shop location offers a full range of coffee and espresso drinks, including blended options like frappucinos. We offer breakfast sandwiches, lunch wraps and snacks ranging from Dove ice cream bars to Sabra hummus snackers.


Stop in our downtown Goshen location for a brewed coffee, fountain drink, spiced chai (hot or iced) or Joe-To-Go for the office. Snacks include muffins, chips, cookies and candy.


Located just up the road from Das Dutchman Essenhaus, our Middlebury location offers a full range of hot, iced and blended beverages and specialty drinks. Choose from a blended salted caramel mocha or a traditional latte or cappuccino. If you’re hungry, grab a muffin or a Walkin Wafel. 

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At each of our three locations, you’ll find great coffee from Hemisphere Coffee Roasters. Whatever we’re brewing up is sure to be a pure, brilliant and bold flavor that exceeds your imagination — just like what you’ll find at ADEC.


Our House Blend was created by ADEC staff and is a twist between Hemisphere’s Nicaraguan and Ethiopian blends, both farm-direct. The Ethiopian beans create a buttery smoothness with fruity notes that explode on your palate, while the Nicaraguan taste offers chocolaty notes with a lemon-citrus finish.


We also serve up the popular Jamaican Me Crazy. One taste — or maybe even one whiff — and you’ll be hooked. The creamy caramel vanilla blend has a twist of Jamaican rum flavor.


You’ll also find a Sumatran decaf that’s smooth and rich (to make up for the lack of caffeine).


Each Friday, our shops also brew up a pot of seasonal flavor. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest Flavor Friday blend.

ADEC is proud to serve coffee that creates choice and possibility — just like we do. All of our coffee blends — from our house blend to our Flavor Friday specialties — come from Hemisphere Coffee Roasters. 

Hemisphere is passionate about the two natures of coffee: Place & People.


Great coffee is a product of its location. It is further enhanced by its growing environment and how the sun and rain and soil interact to produce hard, dense beans with vivid notes and highlights. Coffee grows around the world within a unique band of fertile volcanic soils. Places like Kenya, Indonesia, Peru, and Nicaragua grow fantastic coffee in their highlands.


Every bean is handpicked by real, live, breathing people; people who have hopes, fears and dreams. 25 million families derive their major living from the production of coffee, and we are dedicated to helping as many as we can. Hemisphere Coffee Roasters has developed deep relationships of trust with coffee producers around the world. Our goal is to not give handouts but instead focus on business-to-business solutions that we call direct-trade. This becomes a hand-up to the producer and their community, while providing an excellent cup of coffee for you.

Learn more about Hemisphere
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meet our baristas



At the heart of every community is a bustling coffeehouse, a freshly brewed pot of joe and a warm smile.
All of those, and more, come into play at ADEC’s coffeehouses where baristas Missy Mast and Sammi Abbott run the show.

“Building those one-on-one relationships with customers is what it’s all about,” Missy said. “Knowing all the people around, the area, letting others know what ADEC is about, I just really love working here.

Missy is a bubbly brewing barista with eight years on the job at Goshen’s Gaining Grounds. She’s seen lots of changes over the years, like a different soft drink provider, more snacks and the addition of a sign that can be placed outside.

She even dons her own custom apron, complete with her name stitched across the top.

“Isn’t this great?” She says with a huge grin, pointing at her name on the apron.

It’s great, but what’s even greater for her is the relationships she gets to build with customers. Every Thursday, a church group comes in and has coffee and she gets to chat with them. When she first started, a barber from down the street came in regularly, and she got to know him on a first name basis.

It was our mission that attracted her to the job originally. As a client, Missy wanted to work in a place where she could interact with other clients. She said it took a while for her to get used to the job after getting it, but now she couldn’t love it more.

She also sees herself as a role model to other clients, that with hard work and dedication, you can be truly happy.

“It’s going to take a while to get on the right path, even though you just don’t feel like you’ll ever see the light at the end of the tunnel,” Missy said. “You’ll get to it, and it may feel like a really long time, but at the end you’ll see the light and it’ll be fantastic.”

Sammi hasn’t been around quite as long, taking her barista job at Middlebury’s Gaining Grounds in June. With a full espresso bar behind her, she’s ready to tackle any order that comes through the door.

ADEC’s also lucky to have her. At the time she got her offer for Middlebury, she received an offer from a smoothie shop. She took ADEC’s offer, believing it would be a better fit for her.

When she’s not making the latest fresh pot of coffee or steaming up a latte, she also sells makeup as a side job.

As with almost everyone who works at ADEC, her favorite part of the job is the clients.

“They make me laugh, and it’s a pretty relaxed job,” she said. “It’s been really good, it’s not as fast-paced as Starbucks, I don’t know if I’d survive.”

From her brown hair with blue strips to her upbeat, can-do attitude, Sammi has no aversions to trying out different drinks to find the next big hit. She’s even had an employee from the neighboring Essenhaus come over to try our wide variety of coffee.

She loves to make everything on the menu, but is particularly excited about the new iced apple chai drink and pumpkin Frappuccino.

“It’s absolutely the yummiest thing I’ve made here,” she said.

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our locations


  • 19670 S.R. 120
    Bristol, IN 46507

  • 574-848-7451


  • 114 E. Lincoln Ave.
    Goshen, IN 46526

  • 574-533-4231


  • 801 Wayne Street, Suite 10
    Middlebury, IN 46540

  • 574-825-1242

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