ADEC learned Monday about a change in leadership coming to The Arc of Indiana July 1. We’re reposting here a message from John Dickerson, Executive Director of The Arc of Indiana, about those changes:

A Special Message from John Dickerson

I want to share with you today that effective July 1, 2015, I will be stepping down as Executive Director of The Arc of Indiana, and I am pleased to announce that The Arc board of directors has unanimously voted to appoint Kim Dodson as The Arc’s new Executive Director.  I will continue my long time connection with The Arc through a part-time, contract position as a consultant for the next several months while I also begin developing a new direction for my advocacy.

The Arc board of directors began to plan for this transition in leadership several years ago when Kim, who first joined The Arc in 1998 as Director of Government Relations, was named Associate Executive Director in 2006. In 2013, Kim was named Executive Director of Arc Innovations, Inc. and The Arc of Indiana Foundation, two related entities with The Arc that focus on employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

In addition to being active in the National Council of Executives of The Arc, Kim participates in the work of the Indiana Society of Association Executives, the Governmental Affairs Society of Indiana, the Indiana Coalition for Human Services, the Indiana Interagency Coordinating Council on Autism, and the Special Education Advisory Council.

Kim will bring these experiences, along with over 20 years of experience in public policy and government affairs, to her new role as Executive Director.

My career with The Arc began 42 years ago at The Arc of South Dakota, and it has been my privilege to serve as Executive Director of The Arc of Indiana since 1983. It is now my honor to see Kim Dodson continue the important work of The Arc as its new Executive Director.

With gratitude,

John Dickerson