Dear Friends,

As I look back on the past year, I’m grateful for the way our community came together to help us add color to the lives of the people we serve at ADEC.

Some of you did so literally by showing up to this year’s Ride-A-Bike and new Color Our World 5K, and many more did so figuratively by generously donating money or time to our mission of providing choice and possibility to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties.

Of course, we could not do it without the dedication and loyalty of #teamADEC — our nearly 400 passionate employees who help the people we serve find a life of their own and discover their true potential every day.

Our employees help individuals with disabilities find meaning and purpose through work or help them learn vocations like sewing, baking or other life skills. They help individuals with disabilities accomplish personal goals through music and recreational therapies and assist them in making major medical and legal choices through our corporate guardianship program.

#teamADEC helps individuals live as independently as possible, whether it’s occasional help with budgets or meals in their own apartment or around-the-clock care in one of ADEC’s fourteen group homes.

In the pages of this Annual Report, you’ll learn more about how all of us at ADEC served up choice and possibility to more than 1,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the past year — from opening our doors to new volunteers to creating an evening of magic at the ADEC Ball.

Looking ahead, we want to invite the community into ADEC to experience that spirit of choice and possibility firsthand as we open our new Gaining Grounds Center on our Bristol campus.

The seeds of inspiration were planted more than 65 years ago when a group of brave families first built the foundation for what is now ADEC. Those parents wanted something more for their children with disabilities — they wanted a future of choice and possibility for all.

The Gaining Grounds Center is a place for the public to learn what individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can accomplish when given the right tools and support. You will be able to purchase a cup of coffee from a barista with a disability or buy a one-of-a-kind piece of art created by an artist with a disability.

Who knew ADEC brewed so much choice and possibility for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities? Come find out for yourself.