Wy.Not Send a Child to Camp?

Wy.Not make sure children with disabilities feel included in summer fun, like trips to the pool or the petting zoo?

Wy.Not provide children with disabilities a chance to meet friends who really understand them?

Wy.Not give children with disabilities more choices and greater possibility during their summer break?

Guess what. You can! ADEC’s summer camp, called Camp Wy.Not, helps children with intellectual and developmental disabilities work on social, academic and motor skills while also providing families with respite. Sometimes those families haven’t been approved for a waiver yet and can’t afford tuition — that’s where you come in.

You can sponsor a child with a disability for a day, a week or even the full summer.

Send a child to camp


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Sponsor One Week of Summer Camp


Sponsor a Full Summer

Send a child to After-School Club


Sponsor One Week of After-School Club


Sponsor One Month of After-School Club

Join the Club

The workday doesn’t typically end until 5 p.m., but school lets out much earlier than that. ADEC’s After-School Club provides a safe place for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities to go after school while parents finish out their workday.

ADEC’s After-School Club is the place to be for children with disabilities. Club members participate in recreational activities, enjoy a healthy snack, play games and complete their homework. ADEC staff work closely with local school teachers to ensure the lessons taught during the day are reinforced during homework time.

Purchase a Gift for Child and Family Services

100% of your donation provides greater opportunities with more choices and possibilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ADEC carefully chooses goods and services we believe will have the greatest impact on those we serve. In rare instances, the generous donations of our supporters and sponsors will exceed what is needed in a gift category, and ADEC will redirect those funds to similar activities to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have A Life of Their Own. Contributions are requested with the understanding that ADEC has control over the use of all donated funds.

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