Give someone A Life of Their Own.

Did you know the “A” in ADEC stands for “A Life of Their Own?”

A big part of our mission here at ADEC is to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities find independence and realize their potential. We believe the people we serve deserve a chance to make their own choices, pursue their passions, learn new skills, develop healthy personal relationships and make a positive contribution to their community.

We often hear that one of the biggest barriers to true independence for individuals with disabilities is transportation. ADEC provides transportation to our day service locations and ADEC Industries, but the people we serve have more places to visit than that. Whether they need to make it to their job in the community or take a trip to Concord Mall to purchase new clothes, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are left to rely on public transportation or rides from friends and family.

Our community is fortunate to have the Interurban Trolley and its accessible ACCESS shuttle — but those services aren’t free. When you sponsor a bus pass, you’re sponsoring the path to A Life of Their Own.

Give the gift of independence.


Sponsor 10 ACCESS trips


Provide public transportation for one month

Jump start a career. 


Purchase a uniform or professional clothing for a client


Sponsor professional development for an employment consultant


Cover cost of reasonable accommodation in new workplace*

Help someone find dignity & meaning through work.

Landing a job is an important step toward independence and self-sufficiency. When the people we serve are able to secure employment, they are able to find dignity and meaning in work while also contributing to the well-being of our society as tax-paying citizens.

ADEC’s Community Employment program helps individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities find and maintain jobs in the community. Our team of more than a dozen employment consultants work one-on-one with individuals to assess their skills, interests and abilities and then guide them through the application process at jobs throughout Elkhart and St. Joseph counties.

Although many of these services are funded through Indiana’s Vocational Rehabilitation program, your donation can help give an individual with a disability a boost in their job search.

*The Americans with Disabilities Act says that all employers with 15 or more employees are required to provide “reasonable accommodations” for their workers with disabilities. These are modifications to the job or equipment that enables qualified individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions of their positions. Nearly 20 percent of employers reported that making reasonable accommodations for their employees with disabilities has cost them nothing at all. The majority of accommodations cost employers less than $1,000.

Give a client a boost toward employment + independence 

100% of your donation provides greater opportunities with more choices and possibilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ADEC carefully chooses goods and services we believe will have the greatest impact on those we serve. In rare instances, the generous donations of our supporters and sponsors will exceed what is needed in a gift category, and ADEC will redirect those funds to similar activities to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have A Life of Their Own. Contributions are requested with the understanding that ADEC has control over the use of all donated funds.

If you would like to give across multiple programs, visit the full online catalog order form.