Bristol Day Service

At ADEC’s day service in Bristol, clients enjoy all types of music and dancing. In addition, they participate in activities that help them build various skills. There are specific rooms designated for different vocational activities, such as sewing, crafting, art, and cooking. Outside in the courtyard, clients enjoy gardening in the summer months. In addition, the Bristol location offers a sensory room where clients can find a calm space that provides stress-reducing stimuli to help them manage emotions.

$50 – Sponsor art supplies
$400 – Sponsor an iPad
$700 – Sponsor a water fountain

Donate to ADEC’s Day Services

One hundred percent of your donation provides greater opportunities with more choices and possibilities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. ADEC carefully chooses goods and services we believe will have the greatest impact on those we serve. In rare instances, the generous donations of our supporters and sponsors will exceed what is needed in a gift category, and ADEC will redirect those funds to similar activities to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have a life of their own. Contributions are requested with the understanding that ADEC has control over the use of all donated funds.

If you would like to give across multiple programs, visit the full online catalog order form.