Dear Friends,

I am pleased to report ADEC has experienced an exciting year of new beginnings, a year of change, a year of updating our strategic plan and finally, refreshing our mission statement.

In early January 2019, ADEC answered a “call for help” from the state of Indiana to provide care for more than 30 individuals when another local provider suddenly shut down. This has led to an expansion of residential services in Goshen and Middlebury.

Our new Gaining Grounds Center opened for business, featuring a full-service coffee shop, our Art by ADEC retail store and high-tech conference rooms that are available to the public.

Our multi-tiered #teamADEC initiatives on social media showcase employee appreciation and reinforce our commitment to our staff. Thanks to our wonderful staff, you can count on ADEC’s quality of care.

Advocacy for individuals we serve, and their families, is active with ADEC representing their voices in Indiana with the 1102 Taskforce and in Washington, D.C., with our federal representatives. We share a voice on funding sustainability and protecting the rights of individuals with disabilities.

ADEC clients provided voice to our new booklet: “Your Individual Rights – A guide for Self-Advocates.” We updated our mission statement by adding a single and powerful word that embodies what we truly believe: “informed.”

Our legacy is solid and strong. Our future is bright with the lights of Aux Chandelles still illuminating our path every day with informed choice and possibility. ADEC is here, strong and growing, and our communities can count on us. My sincerest gratitude and thank you to the ADEC Board of Directors, our community members, and the entire staff of ADEC for a truly inspiring year.