A monthly social gathering for young adults with disabilities to have fun and make new friends.

Who’s up for a game night?

Once a month, dozens of young adults gather at the historic Shoots building in downtown Goshen for an evening of fun conversation, pizza and games.

The Shoots Game Club is a monthly social club for independent young adults ages 16-28 with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Most members are on the autism spectrum, giving them a chance to branch out and meet new people in an inclusive, comfortable environment.

It’s another chance for young adults to get together, tell jokes and play some games. Although each evening starts and ends at the Shoots building, sometimes the group ventures off to play putt-putt, go swimming or watch a movie together.

At Shoots Game Club, everyone is accepted for who they are.

“Joshua was really reluctant to go at first, but once he went and realized it was a low-stress atmosphere, he started looking forward to it. He wants to go every month and really looks forward to his time there. It has become his ‘thing.’ Shoots Game Club gives them a sense of community that they otherwise might not have.”

Lisa Drake, mother of Shoots Game Club member, Joshua (pictured above)
average increase in social-emotional intelligence experienced by individuals with autism from playing board games
cost to participate each week

    Can we deal you in?

    The Shoots Game Club is always looking for volunteers to act as mentors. Volunteers help model social skills, teach conversational skills and help everyone feel included in activities.