ADEC provides one-on-one interaction with a certified therapist who conducts a personalized assessment and evaluation before designing a treatment plan.

A personalized experience

Through the healing power of music, many clients have discovered their voice for the first time, learned to execute everyday routines such as making their bed and brushing their teeth, and developed the social skills needed to make a friend.

By using fun and engaging recreational activities, the individuals we serve practice being social and communicating what they are thinking and feeling and improve their motor skills with challenging activities.

One-on-one therapy sessions take place every day all over ADEC. Each person receiving the service has received a specialized waiver funding the time spent in therapy.

Interested in participating in therapy programming at ADEC? Fill out the ADEC therapy application to give us more background and we’ll get in touch with you.

“Max loves coming here. One of his goals has been recognizing and displaying emotion, and the games Hallie comes up with have been helping a lot. She has also helped him stretch and exercise. They do all that in fun ways, which is all the better.”

Julie Hathaway, mother of Max (pictured), rec therapy client
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Help others heal through music and recreational therapy.

Music and individual recreational therapy have an immediate, positive impact on the individuals we serve.

Your donation helps to provide more options for therapy and opens up the opportunity make even more meaningful improvements in the lives of the individuals ADEC serves.