Bridging the gap between school and work with Growth and Purpose.

From landing a job interview to negotiating a job offer.

The skills and training center is designed to help bridge the gap between education and employment.

Some young adults with disabilities choose to join the workforce right out of school while others choose to attend a day service to learn new vocations, like baking or sewing. But some young adults with disabilities find themselves in an awkward gap: they have graduated or “aged out” of the public-school system, but they would still like to develop job readiness skills before pursuing their career.

The skills and training center is open to any individuals with disabilities interested in joining the workforce but is aimed at upcoming and recent high school graduates.

The topics progress from setting goals to job hunting, first impressions, professionalism, work-life balance, confidence, and, finally, success in the changing job market. As participants complete each unit, they will receive certificates of completion, which they can then use to demonstrate their job readiness to employers.

“I want to work in fashion and GAP teaches me the things I need to know to get a job. I love coming to ADEC.”

Nikki Caston, GAP student

Help us fill the GAP.

Many of the people we serve have ambitious career goals — just like you or me — but they sometimes need some extra coaching to prepare themselves.

Your donation could help fill the GAP between education and employment.