When a crisis arises, our angels of ADEC are there.


When a client needed dentures not covered by insurance, ADEC’s angels were there. When another client needed a new water heater for their home, ADEC’s angels were there too.


The Angel of ADEC fund was established by a family who recognized there are times when the need of individuals who are served by ADEC exceed their financial means. Like many of us or our neighbors, at any point in time, our clients might find themselves in financial distress and unable to afford necessities. That situation has only been amplified lately as the people we serve and/or their parents and guardians have lost jobs to the pandemic or seen other fiscal complications through no fault of their own.


The Angel of ADEC fund has covered things ranging from clothes to household items to dental care since its inception as a resource for clients urgently in need. These may be basic items many of us would take for granted but mean the world to the people we serve who already face many other challenges in life.


The critical fund to so many of our clients survives largely due to the continued support of the community. The importance of this fund is also represented through the recurring gifts pledged by many of ADEC’s own committed staff members who see first-hand the importance and lasting impact this safety net has on the many wonderful people we have the privilege of serving.


“The Angel of ADEC fund has been invaluable to our clients over the years,” said Tobi Weirich, ADEC’s director of protective services and guardianship. “I see what a difference the angel fund can make for guardianship clients who often don’t have family or others to depend on. It pays for winter clothes for those in supporting living. It covers grocery bills. The angel fund makes all the difference for so many who survive on a limited income.”


These are tough times in America and ADEC’s clients are in a similar boat to all of you, only they must ride the waves with additional challenges. The people we serve have an angel above them. That angel could be you.

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