Gaining Grounds’ Latest Local Partner is Dutch Waffle Company

Sometimes when you go to your favorite coffee shop you want more than just some caffeinated joy. A light snack of some sort is in order. Perhaps something sweet to reward yourself with. Plus, who doesn’t like local and hand-crafted? For [...]

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Bristol Gaining Grounds Reopens on Monday July 6th When ADEC’s Gaining Grounds Coffee House in Bristol reopens on July 6th, the agency-wide community outreach focal point will be tied even closer to the local community. During the three-plus month public closure, Gaining Grounds switched its coffee supplier [...]

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Picture Possibilities Fundraising Made Simple

Picture Possibilities includes fun social media challenges but ADEC also needs our help fundraising for our unfunded programs not covered by Medicaid such as our guardianship, transportation, family services and skills and training center for young adults. You can contribute by [...]

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