Creekside Church of the Brethren Helps ADEC Clients Grow Gardens

Thanks to the work of board member Cary Kelsey, ADEC recently entered in a community partnership with Creekside Church of the Brethren in Elkhart. The church received a Lilly Congregational Ministries Grant which helped them fund a gardening project. The [...]

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Gaining Grounds Coffee House Busy Since Reopening   A tremendous compliment also served as a tremendous problem last week for ADEC’s Gaining Grounds Coffee House. The monthly specials proved to be too tasty and popular. The staff ran out of the amaretto for the amaretto mocha [...]

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Art by ADEC Gallery and Website Remain Popular Much like pumpkin spiced items and Oktoberfest beers slowly popping your local grocery store lately, fall is starting to sneak into the picture. Tuesday, Art by ADEC curator Desirae Kemp bounced around the recently-expanded Bristol gallery replacing summery things [...]

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ADEC’s Social Enterprises Create Jobs for People with Disabilities  Gaining Grounds Conference Center | Art By ADEC | Gaining Grounds Coffee House | Silver Linings Trash BagsWorking for GoodEver wish your shopping could help buy a better world? A social enterprise is an organization that uses commercial business strategies [...]

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