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When a child is first diagnosed with a disability, parents are thrown into a new world with new vocabulary and a maze of specialized services and government agencies to navigate.

Parents want answers and they want hope — ADEC offers both.

ADEC’s professional staff come alongside parents to walk with them each step of the way, whether it’s by providing helpful guidance or advice or offering direct services for school-aged children. We’re here for families for every milestone and life transition. You are not alone.


ADEC drives dignity and independence for the people we serve.

What if you had to ask for a ride every time you wanted to leave your house. Relying on friends and family for transportation curbs independence, but ADEC provides an immediate solution for those we serve in Elkhart County and in our 14 group homes.

ADEC’s fleet of buses carries more than 100 passengers a day — all ADEC clients — logging almost 12,000 miles a month. No one has to ask for a ride because we pick them up.


One of the greatest fears for parents of children with disabilities is not being there for them. When children grow into adults, who will advocate for them if their parents have died or become unable to provide care? ADEC will.

We provide a full range of advocacy, decision-making and protective services to adults through our guardianship program.

ADEC currently serves more than 60 adults with disabilities by helping them make informed choices, advocating for them and protecting them.


Deciding where to live is one of the most important decisions each of us makes. ADEC’s supported living and group residential living programs make it possible for the people we serve to choose where and how they want to live.

Whether the choice is sharing an apartment with roommates or enjoying the family environment of a group home, ADEC staff provide the caring support and assistance needed for the people we serve to live as independently as possible.

It’s easy to be at home with ADEC.

Day Services

ADEC seeks to provide a meaningful, fulfilling day for the adults who spend their time with us.

From painting to pottery to baking, ADEC offers a range of activities designed to increase confidence, independence, socialization and build vocational life skills.

ADEC operates six day service locations across Elkhart and St. Joseph counties: Bristol, Goshen, Elkhart, Middlebury and Mishawaka.

All ADEC day service facilities offer and support informed choice for both facility habilitation and community habilitation.


“What do you do?”

It’s one of the first questions we ask when meeting someone new. Having a job gives us purpose and identity. ADEC strives to provide both.

Whether earning a paycheck at ADEC Industries or working with an employment consultant to find a job in the community, the people we serve get to explore all options and find the best fit for them.

At ADEC, we believe inclusion works and that everyone has something to offer in the workplace.


ADEC proudly advocates for and serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities so they can live lives full of informed choice and possibility.

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