ADEC works with local businesses to find enjoyable, meaningful employment for its clients.

Community Employment

Working collaboratively with Vocational Rehabilitation and area businesses, ADEC helps individuals with disabilities find meaning and purpose through jobs in the community. ADEC matches workers to open jobs in the area while also providing job coaching, training, assistance, and support for the employees at no cost to the employer.

Our trained employment consultants work with the individuals we serve to help them find rewarding employment doing what they want to do. Our community employment consultants take the time to find out what kind of work makes each individual happy, what their skills are, and what they like and don’t like through services that include hands on assessments, job shadowing, and informational interviews with businesses and professionals.

If you’re interested in community employment services, follow these steps to begin the process:

1. Contact your local Vocational Rehabilitation Office and let them know you are interested in employment services. You can refer yourself, or you can be referred by a family member, friend, or support person. All services are provided at no charge to you!

a) Elkhart County: (574) 262-2086

b) St. Joseph County: (574) 232-4861

2. Complete the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) application process to determine if you qualify.

3. Tell your VR counselor that you would like ADEC as your employment services provider.

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“I always like to have my own area and I don’t mind putting Styrofoam and stuff together, so I felt comfortable here.”

Connor Reynolds, EFP employee


“I make a difference for the doctors, nurses and, most importantly, the patients.”


“I think it’s great working at the movie theater. It’s accurate to say this is my dream job; of all the fields of work that I could choose, I thought this would be the most tailored to my strengths.”


“I love it! I get to do a lot of different jobs. My job is high on my list of enjoyment, and I like meeting new people.”

What Does The Community Employment Process Look Like?

    Partner with ADEC.

    Partner with ADEC Community Employment to help individuals with disabilities discover their strengths, explore their talents and find meaning and purpose through work. Meanwhile, you will be diversifying your workforce and offering personal and professional development to your existing employees.