Clients and DSPs Can Learn Side-By-Side

In 2022, ADEC introduced our new National DSP Certification Program. The certification program curriculum is through Open Future Learning, an online training platform devoted exclusively to the field of IDD. ADEC provides all access to the program and necessary materials, and DSPs employed by ADEC now have the option to train and get certified for free to gain even more knowledge about the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, with corresponding pay increases.

The Certification Program also has something called Side by Side learning modules, created so that the people who receive support and the people who provide support can learn together. That means that in addition to their regular training, everyone learning vocational skills at ADEC’s Skills & Training Program has the opportunity to participate in learning modules from our National DSP Certification Program, along with the DSPs who work there.

Enthusiasm has been high, and results so far have been impressive. Recently 10 Skills & Training learners, including Gaining Grounds intern, Catalina, became certified in multiple Open Future Learning topics, including: Finding and Building Relationships, Who Am I, Our Great Working Relationships, About Abuse, Circle of Friends, and About Friendship and Community.

“We are thrilled about the excitement from employees going through the DSP Certification Program. We are getting great feedback about the engaging training that directly relates to their job. It is giving them practical tools they can use in their daily interactions with those we serve and each other. They also like the variety of ways they can do the training that meets their training and lifestyle. We are excited to having more employees join the program and seeing the impact it makes on our person-centered care.”  -Lisa Kendall, ADEC’s Vice-President of Human Resources

ADEC is proud of everyone investing their time to continue to learn and grow as people and as DSPs. We’d like to congratulate the following staff members who have either progressed a level or completed the program: Faith Dunithan, Kathy Richardson, Brenda Osborn, Shanon Schrock, & Petrana Hristova-Petkova

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