At first it was just idle what-ifs? And then people began to really get excited about the possibility… and then interest just exploded and the idea to maybe start up ADEC’s inactive basketball team again became a reality. It went from thought to fruition incredibly fast, so fast that the team was signed up and practicing before their new logos and team shirts were even ready to go! But that is ok by everyone. People were so excited to just get back out onto the court, nothing could have slowed down that (silver) bullet train. The team will be overseen by the Self-Advocates of ADEC group, and they’ll be running the concession stand as well.

Reigniting the ADEC Silver Bullets started with sign-ups, and the team player count now stands at just over 70 participants, not including staff assistance. They even have a brand new sponsor! Middlebury recreational vehicle manufacturer Grand Design has made it possible to purchase the entire 70+ member team new t-shirts! New logo ideas were designed, t-shirt colors were explored, choices were voted on, and now the team has a brand new Silver Bullets team shirt coming their way on February 15th. The winning design is a yellow and orange flaming basketball design on a black t-shirt with red lettering (see below.)

Currently the team meets every Wednesday evening from 6 to 8 pm on the court at Bristol Elementary for practice time, but soon they’ll be playing opposing teams made up of volunteer groups from various local community groups, businesses, and schools. If you’d like to form a team to play against the Silver Bullets, you can apply here!

You’ll be able to hear more about it on Tuesday when the new Expert Tips By ADEC Self-Advocates episode drops! Host Emily Krabill interviews one of our most enthusiastic players! Games are open to the public, so even if you aren’t able to play, you can come cheer! Go Bullets!