Spring is in the air around Michiana and reopening is in the air around ADEC. Moving ahead with an intended June 1st goal of welcoming back clients to day centers, Michelle McGuin, VP of non-residential operations, welcomed her managers back to the Bristol campus on Monday for a meeting at the Gaining Grounds Conference Center.

For a couple of hours, the managers heard from McGuin about all of the physical changes which will occur over the next few weeks in preparation for June 1st and also operational changes which will occur after that. ADEC President / CEO Donna Belusar also stopped in to talk about how exciting these tasks are for her and how important their success is for the agency. ADEC’s reopening plan is an extensive document, but McGuin walked her group through it all.

Topics included new safety and sanitary protocols, how the facilities will be reconfigured to encourage social distancing, and how the flow of clients and staff will work, among other topics. A fresh new set of policies in their minds, the staff all headed out to their respective sites to start enacting the plan and getting ready to welcome back clients two weeks from today.

Everything is of course contingent on the state of the pandemic locally and how #BackOnTrack Indiana progresses at a state level, but the bright smiles of optimism to see our clients again soon brought rays on sunshine to ADEC on this rainy spring Monday morning.