ADEC offers Behavior Management, Recreational Therapies, and Music Therapies. ADEC’s Behavioral Consultants or Certified Therapists provide a personalized assessment and evaluation before designing and implementing a plan, with the assistance of any supports (family, other providers, doctors) already in place.

ADEC’s therapy team specializes in Behavior Management, Recreational therapies, and/or Music therapies. Various therapy sessions take place every day at ADEC locations throughout Elkhart and St. Joseph counties, or in client’s homes.

Recreational Therapies (or Therapeutic Recreation:)

Recreational therapy services are activity-based interventions that address the assessed needs of an individual.

These services use recreational, as well as other everyday activity-based movements, to address the needs of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. The therapist will initially assess the individual’s needs and together, or with the individual’s IST (Individual Support Team) they will set goals and plan a path forward using enjoyable activities that both stimulate the individual as well as contribute to their progress. Recreational therapy treatments can include a variety of activities including arts and crafts, sports, games, dance, movement, music, household chores, and more.

The purpose of Recreational Therapy is to maintain or improve an individual’s physical, cognitive, social, and/or emotional skills so they are able to expand their capabilities, make everyday activities and interactions easier, and get the most out of their lives. Recreational therapies can help improve depression, stress, anxiety, reasoning ability, and motor functions, as well as confidence, social interactions, health, and general well-being.

ADEC’s Recreational Therapists must possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation from an accredited college or university, as well as be certified by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation.

Music Therapies:

Music Therapy is the evidence-based practice of using music to address goals set after an assessment is done by a credentialed therapist. ADEC’s Board Certified Music Therapists may use music to help individuals reach a variety of goals. A music therapy session may involve singing, songwriting, improvisation, drum circles, guided imagery, lyric analysis, therapeutic performances, and other techniques depending on the patient’s needs.

This type of therapy can help boost self-confidence, cope with loss, express emotions, facilitate relaxation, improve motor skills, improve social skills, or increase concentration, depending on the needs of the client. Music therapy may help those with special needs to develop rhythm and motor skills as well as increase memorization skills. It can also be used as an auxiliary treatment for acute and chronic pain syndromes, certain mental health conditions, or as a distraction from discomfort or anxiety.

Behavior Management:

Behavior Management services are available for individuals in order to create and reinforce positive behaviors. ADEC provides one-on-one assessment with a Behavior Consultant who conducts a personalized evaluation based on observations, interaction, and feedback from others, before designing a Behavior Support Plan. Behavior Management can help clients improve their quality of life, increase their independence, and increase their meaningful participation in the community by providing specified techniques to eliminate or manage behavioral concerns.

ADEC’s Behavior Consultants must possess a completed Master’s degree in Psychology, Social Work, Counseling or Special Education or be a licensed marriage/family therapist, clinical social worker, or mental health counselor, as well as have completed 10 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) every calendar year.

If you are interested in a therapy service at ADEC, calling 574-848-7451 to speak to the Therapies Manager or email [email protected] for more information.