Smiles and giggles filled the room as each child took turns being fitted for a turkey or pilgrim crown at ADEC’s Main Street location on Friday, November 20.

ADEC’s music and recreational consumers gather once a month to play games, participate in fun activities and enjoy a creative snack. While they come to have fun, they gain valuable therapeutic lessons.

“I think it’s cool that they keep growing with their relationships together,” Dianne Sawyer, ADEC Music Therapist, said. “It’s pretty much the same people each month. It’s good that they socialize with people outside of school. It’s a benefit for them.”

On this Thanksgiving-themed Therapy Day, six children and young adults created wreaths, tried out headbands and made English muffin pizzas and turkey rice crispy treats to enjoy.

The therapists work together to plan each month’s Therapy Day around a holiday, making it a themed celebration. Next month, the children will perform a holiday concert for their parents.

Many of the children have a difficult time creating friendships and finding common ground in social scenarios, but the structured time offered by ADEC’s therapists allows them to grow in their understanding of social skills while building on existing friendships.

In ADEC’s Music and Recreational Therapy Services, consumers benefit from one-on-one interaction with a certified therapist who conducts a personalized assessment and evaluation before designing a treatment plan. To learn more or to contact the program manager, visit

Article by Whitney Craig / Communications Specialist

Photo by Rod Tackett / Communications Specialist