It’s not just flowers that have been growing this month at ADEC — it’s salaries, too.

All eligible employees received a $0.15 raise in their April paychecks, the second bump in pay since the beginning of 2019.

It’s part of ADEC’s enhanced wage initiative, which awards quarterly raises to all eligible support staff and managers.

This wage initiative includes a $.15 increase EVERY January, April, July and October to the following eligible employees:

  • Group Homes: Support Staff, Med Flexes, Shift Leads and Assistant Managers
  • Supported Living: Support Staff, Med Flexes
  • Day Services: Support Staff, Team Leaders
  • Family Services: Support Staff, Team Leader (After-School and Respite)

It includes a 1.2% raise to the following eligible managers EVERY January, April, July and October

  • Group Homes: Group Home Managers
  • Supported Living: Case Coordinators
  • Day Services: Team Managers
  • Family Services: Team Manager

The first installment of these raises was added to January paychecks for eligible employees and the second went into effect in April.

The quarterly raises will be received until an employee reaches their position’s defined wage cap.

Let’s do the math

Eligible direct support professionals received a $0.15 raise on the first paycheck in January. That adds up to an extra $6 per week for 40-hour employees.

The second increase went into effect this month, meaning those same DSPs have now received a $0.30 raise — adding up to $12 per week.

When the third increase goes into effect in July — bringing the total raise amount to $0.45 — employees will be enjoying an extra $18 per week.

And in October, the fourth $0.15 bump will bring the total raise amount to $0.60, or an extra $24 per week.

And the best part? Those increases keep happening every quarter until employees reach the defined wage cap for their position.


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