The buzz for the ADEC Ball is high. Everyone – community members, staff and clients – wants to know, how do we get there? In this post, we’re explaining how 100 tickets will be distributed among ADEC clients.

First, stop what you’re doing right now, and mark your calendar for December 1! This is the big day for our clients. At 10 AM, the web portal will go live and tickets will go fast.

Now, for all the nitty gritty, fine print information . . .

Ticket Allotment

We are distributing 100 client tickets across ADEC by allotting a certain amount to each branch of people served. This way, we are making it as equitable as possible for all of our services.

The allotment goes as follows —

35 tickets | ADEC Group Homes

15 tickets | ADEC Supported Living

25 tickets | ADEC Family Services (After-School Club, Summer Camp, Therapies, Sibshops, Shoots Game Club, GPS). Please note that clients must be 18 as of Dec. 1, 2017, to receive a ticket through the ADEC application.

25 tickets | Non-residential clients served by ADEC (Clients who do not live in a group home or supported living, but attend day services, receive guardianship services, work at ADEC Industries or receive Employment Services. Must be a current client to qualify.)

The Fine Print (required activities for each participant)

When you sign your client up for the ADEC Ball, you are agreeing to the following stipulations:

— Your client will be present for all three practices for the flash mob dance

— Your client will be present for the dress/suit fitting day on Saturday, Jan. 27

— Your client will attend the ADEC Ball on Friday, April 20, starting with hair/makeup at 3:30 and staying until the end.

If for any reason, these obligations cannot be fulfilled, the client will forfeit their ticket to the next name on the waiting list.

How do you get a ticket?

Tickets will be claimed through a form on the ADEC website. This form will go live at 10 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 1. We are choosing to do this with a web form because each entry will be time stamped and delivery confirmed.

For each section of the ticket allotment, the form will remain open until all spots are filled, with five additional people being put on a wait list in the event that a client is unable to fulfill their ticket obligations. Those people will be notified of their spot on the wait list.