At ADEC, we like to ask “why not?”

Why not make sure children with disabilities feel included in summer fun, like trips to the pool or the petting zoo? Why not provide children with disabilities a chance to meet friends who really understand them? Why not give children with disabilities more choices and greater possibility during their summer breaks?

There’s no reason “why not” — and that’s where ADEC’s summer camp comes in.

Camp wy.not., which runs through late July, is one of the only summer care options for families of children with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Elkhart County. More than 40 campers ages 5-22 are enrolled this year.

The campers meet in a classroom at Elkhart Memorial High School each day, but they don’t stay there long. During the eight weeks of camp, children with disabilities have a chance to get up close with wildlife in Topeka, challenge a friend to a game of putt-putt, race go karts in Mishawaka and ride horses at LoveWay.

Camp wy.not. is staffed by direct support professionals who are specially trained to meet the unique and diverse needs of individuals with disabilities. This gives families peace of mind while allowing children to experience fun field trips and express themselves through arts and crafts projects while maintaining the academic and interpersonal skills they developed during the school year.

Camp wy.not. is one of the many programs offered through ADEC’s Family Services program, which provides early intervention and therapeutic services to young children and their families. Without ADEC’s after-school and summer programs, many families would have a difficult time balancing work and care. They would have no respite.

Check out these fun scenes from Camp wy.not. that ADEC communications specialist Rod Tackett has captured over the past few weeks.

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