Thank you to all the staff, clients and client families for your patience and flexibility as we journey through the coldest and what seems like the longest blast of Arctic weather in Michiana history. ADEC closed offices and programs today, the third such closing already this year. The decision to close followed a two-hour delay, but despite efforts to get the word out, some buses already had started their routes, and many staff and clients already were reporting for their day programs and jobs at ADEC Industries. We’re sorry you had to venture out in such treacherous weather.

Please know, we make every effort to base all decisions on the safety, comfort and well-being of the men, women and families we are so privileged to serve and the staff who provide the support they require. Even in today’s inclement weather, ADEC staff are on duty providing 24/7 care in our group homes and supported living residences. That degree of dedication and commitment to quality care is what makes ADEC stand out. You are what makes ADEC stand out.

ADEC has the dual personality of both agency and business. As a business employing close to 500 people, we can close administrative offices and work sites. But as an agency providing services to about 1,000 clients, much of our work never stops. We are on duty 24/7. Thank you for being there for our clients. “I am greatly humbled by your efforts,” said Donna Belusar, ADEC President and CEO. “My sincerest thanks.”

Please bear with as we bear more of the Winter of 2014! More weather decisions will have to be made. More schedules may be disrupted. Always, we will put safety first.