Special friends, family members and community supporters of the Council for the Retarded of Elkhart County Inc. began a countywide capital campaign to fund the construction of a new school for children with disabilities. The dedication and open house for Aux Chandelles, located on Hively Avenue in Elkhart, was held in 1966. Coinciding with the organization’s new name was the adoption of the three triangle and flame logo.

In 1969 the Sheltered Workshop was merged with The Rehabilitation Center.  Services for the visually impaired were expanded to full-time.Seeking to expand its program of services, the Rehabilitation Center added part-time visual impairment services in 1967.   In 1968 Tipton House was donated to the Rehabilitation Center and used for programs for the visually impaired.



The Aux Chandelles building on Hively Ave. in Elkhart was completed and dedicated in 1966. At the time the new facility served approximately 100 developmentally disabled students. The building is currently known as the Joy Rose Center of Child Abuse Prevention Services. Prior to the opening of Aux Chandelles classes were held in rented space at Roosevelt School where they had been since 1962.