Each morning, ADEC clients wake up with smiles on their faces as they get ready for a new day with their friends and staff members at Day Services. They enjoy hearty breakfasts at home, get dressed in clean clothes and hop on the bus. Throughout the day, ADEC clients enjoy learning new skills and discovering more about the world while staying fed, clean and warm. At the end of the day, it’s back on the bus to a group home, supported living site or family residence.

For our clients in group homes and supported living sites, the evenings are a mixture of down time and working on personal goals. Goals can be helping to make dinner, practicing your signature or working out for 20 minutes. Before lights are turned out for bedtime, everyone enjoys a family-style meal and takes showers to be ready for a new day.

And this is how each day goes at ADEC, creating a secure and warm environment in which our clients live out their lives. None of this would be possible without Direct Support Professionals, or DSPs as you’ll often hear them called. These outstanding individuals make ADEC a home for the people we serve. They consistently go above and beyond to create a secure routine for our clients and form meaningful relationships.

Seven days a week. 24 hours a day. ADEC DSPs are on the clock ensuring each person continues to grow and thrive here as they pursue greater choices and bigger possibilities. Each year, we take a week to step back and recognize our incredible DSPs for the life-changing work they do. This year, DSP Appreciation Week took place September 11-15.

Each of ADEC’s services recognized their DSPs in different ways. ADEC Industries and Group Homes banded together to host a cookout, complete with the Kona Ice Truck. Group Homes DSPs will also enjoy attending a uLEAD leadership development retreat later in the month. ADEC Day Services celebrated each day with special treats and fun gifts. Supported Living DSPs will enjoy a cookout later in the month as their famous Two Men and a Grill duo come out once again.

Another way ADEC celebrated DSP Week was by giving our DSPs the chance to share their experiences, what they love about their jobs and what they find most challenging. Dozens of DSPs shared their thoughts and many have been featured on ADEC’s Facebook page and electronic sign throughout the week. Throughout this post, you’ll see some of the quotes shared on our Facebook page. Other meaningful responses include:

What does a typical day at ADEC look like?

Jennifer Estep says, “A typical day at ADEC looks like absolute beautiful chaos. It is giving attention to 8 different people all at once. It’s helping 1 person tie their shoes while helping another person figure out where they put their favorite movie. It’s talking to 1 person about their trip to grandma’s while helping their housemate make birthday party invitations. ADEC is not where you come to make a lot of money but it is definitely where you come to be fulfilled as a person.”

What is the most rewarding part of working for ADEC?

Karly Prater says, “Seeing how much you are helping the clients and how much they appreciate everything you do for them. Also, watching the clients grow to be more independent.”

What is the most challenging part of working for ADEC?

Erin Eitler says, “The most challenging part is when clients pass away and dealing with the loss afterward with the other clients who don’t always understand what happened.”

Brianne Austin says, “Helping a client work toward a particular and difficult goal. They often may want to quit, and so may you, but perseverance is key.”

Any tips for people new to direct support and personal care work?

Mary Janis says, “Remember that it’s not all worth stressing over! Take time for yourself and know what frustrates you and where you can find joy. Our clients look to us on how we handle life, whether or not we think they are watching!”

Stephanie Wise says, “Just respect the people you work with and they will respect you.”

Why do you choose to work at ADEC?

Delaney Kirkendall says, “It makes me feel good knowing I make a difference in somebody’s life.”

Miah Lynn Thornton says, “ADEC is helping me help others and that is a huge part of my dream goal.”