On Dec. 11, 2020, employees received their first installment of the sustainability bonus, made possible by the Sustainability Grant received earlier this year.

“Many of our staff have worked additional hours and made personal sacrifices to make sure we continue our mission of hope and lives full of choice and possibility,” said Donna Belusar, president and CEO of ADEC.

The purpose of the bonus is to provide financial relief during the on-going pandemic. Employees will receive a second bonus in April.

In addition, ADEC has extended its COVID-19 Leave policy so that time taken off due to the virus will not affect an employee’s earned accrued paid leave. “ADEC is proud to offer a policy to help employees during this pandemic,” said Lisa Kendall, Vice President of Human Resources.

The original policy was created in April, 2020 and, with the support and approval of Belusar, this policy has been extended to April 7, 2021. Employees who need to be off more than once due to COVID are excused if COVID protocols are followed and proper documentation is provided.

ADEC believes investing in staff, especially during the pandemic, is important. “Our employees are our most valuable resource,” said Belusar, “because they ensure that ADEC continues to provide services to the individuals we serve,”