ADEC has received a second Sustainability Grant from IN’s BDDS office to help with staff sustainability during the COVID pandemic. As with the first one, this money will be given back to employees. With the support and approval of Donna Belusar, ADEC CEO/President, ADEC will use the money toward the following initiatives. Each of the following initiatives will be in effect starting Dec. 14 until June 30, 2021.

First, ADEC’s referral bonus will double! Employees can receive $50 at 30 days, $100 at 90 days, $200 at 6 months, and $300 at a year. That is a total of $650. Referrals continue to be ADEC’s number one recruiting source.

Second, ADEC will offer a New Hire Retention Bonus to employees hired from December 14th, 2020 to June 30th, 2021. Employees will receive a total of $1000 within the first year. $200 at 90 days, $300 at 6 months and $500 at one year.

Third, managers will be given $300 to spend on recognition gifts for employees. Employees will complete a form indicating some of their favorite things that managers will use to buy individualized thank you gifts. Having the money on hand will help with immediate recognition.

ADEC is excited to pass the Sustainability Grant 2.0 directly to employees to aid in recruitment and retention. Thank you for choosing to work at ADEC. Help us spread the word. #TeamADEC