Hello, I am Donna Belusar, President and CEO of ADEC. ADEC is an agency dedicated to providing services – achieving dreams – for individuals and families with intellectual and developmental disabilities. For many of those we help facilitate and navigate life’s daily needs, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The covid pandemic, with its varying forms of virus – covid, delta, omicron – has been upon us for nearly two years. We cannot stay home. We are needed, and we have continued our services. And our employees, #teamADEC, whether in a field role working directly with an individual or in a support role, have been at work through it all. And we will continue.

For individuals and families with IDD, a very important regulatory agency is the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, called CMS. CMS sets the rules, eligibility, and all the standards and requirements, that help provide families with needed benefits.

On December 1, 2021, CMS notified organizations of a mandatory covid vaccination mandate for employees. When ADEC received the December 1st requirement, we met with the Board of Directors and management and as a team, we decided that for the health, well-being, and safety for our employees and those we serve – that we would honor the mandate across the agency. Every one of us – regardless of your job. We announced a covid-vaccination incentive and have already paid out over $75,600 to the employees.

I am very pleased to share that ADEC is 100% compliant with the CMS ruling, which was recently upheld by the United State Supreme Court. What this means is that either an employee is fully vaccinated or has been approved for a medical or religious exemption. Thank you to all of ADEC. 100% compliance is extraordinary and truly reflects the commitment to our mission.

ADEC is being recognized by the State of Indiana Chamber of Commerce – with the Covid Stops Here campaign – for achieving Silver status. Over 80% of our employees are fully vaccinated and many are receiving the booster. I also would like to share that 98% of our residential clients also now have received the booster. Thank you to the ADEC nursing organization for helping make this happen.

We do want a covid-free work environment. We will continue with needed protocols and procedures to help minimize the spread. We know it is a personal choice and the fact that all #teamADEC is willing to take this step to help save lives and stop the spread is heart-warming. It is inspiring.

Congratulations ADEC for achieving Silver Star in the Indiana Covid Stops Here Campaign.

Thank you ADEC employees for helping ADEC achieve 100% compliance with the CMS mandate. To help maintain a covid-free work environment, we recently announced an additional Thank You incentive up to $1000 per employee that will be given out this year.

Thank you, families, and individuals, for choosing ADEC as your provider of services. Thank you ADEC employees for sharing our mission of informed choice and possibilities. Please stay safe and be healthy.