Hello, I am Donna Belusar, President / CEO of ADEC. Thank you for spending time with me to share ADEC’s refreshed three-year strategic plan, looking forward to 2022 through 2024. The full detail plan is accessible to you on our website at

Every three years ADEC Board of Directors and ADEC leadership work to develop a strategic plan. This year, we refreshed our prior three-year plan building off the solid goals we had put in place. Over a nine-month period, we had many participants involved in this process – family and individuals served, community partners, ADEC management and staff, ADEC Board and Committee Members, peer agencies across the state of Indiana, and insight from our associations like INARF and The Arc as well as our state regulatory agencies. All this input, along with environmental scans helped solidify our strategic goals and helped develop initiatives that leverage ADEC’s strength of mission, vision and our core values that lay the foundation of ADEC’s person-centered programs and services.

ADEC’s 2022 – 2024 Strategic Plan was created in consideration of these inputs and feedback, and we acknowledge that it is important that we are flexible and adaptive to issues and events that occur should unforeseen local, state, or federal changes come about. Of significance is that since March 2020 the agency, and the rest of the world, has been impacted by the Coronavirus-19 Pandemic. Many of our plans for the past 2019 – 2021 planning cycle were paused by the pandemic as ADEC had to change to emergency response and suspend or alter many programs for periods of time. Therefore, some of the elements of this plan, may be similar to our 2019-2021 plans that did not come to fruition.

The core of the three-year strategic plan remains the same and is built upon the expectations of individuals and families served; expectations of stakeholders including donors, employees, and our community.

Please let us start with our mission, vision, and values.

ADEC Mission Statement: Our Reason for Being.

ADEC proudly advocates for and serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, so they live lives full of informed choice and possibility.

ADEC Vision: Our Place in the Communities we serve.

ADEC believes all people are worthwhile. We work together with people who experience unique challenges and abilities along with families, friends, and organizations to help people maximize their abilities to meet goals and dreams and fully participate in the community of which they are vital members. ADEC is dedicated to fully supporting individuals with disabilities and breaking down barriers, both physical and attitudinal, through active community education, advocacy, and commitment.

ADEC Values: The ideals we live by.

ADEC is committed to the ethical and equitable treatment of all those who are invested in the organization: For our employees, For our individuals served, and For our communities. Our values are:

A Life of their Own 

ADEC individuals served deserve a chance to: make their own choices, pursue their passions, learn new skills, develop healthy personal relationships, and make positive contributions.


ADEC individuals served are entitled to respect and professionalism as their daily needs are met, protection from exploitation and abuse and person-centered plans and service.


ADEC individuals served deserve the opportunity to: find dignity and meaning in work, make productive contributions to the community through work, and contribute to the well-being of our society by being tax-paying citizens.


As an active part of the community, ADEC: connects individuals served with local opportunities and natural supports and becomes a catalyst for new opportunities if they don’t exist.

For 2022- 2024, we have five prioritized strategic goals, guided by principles, that are directly aligned with our mission – it begins and ends with the individuals and families we serve.

Five Goals and Commitments:

  1. Outstanding Client Satisfaction and Excellence in Service
  2. Great Workforce. Great Workplace
  3. Highest Quality of Standards
  4. Targeted, Smart Growth and
  5. Financial Sustainability

Each of these five goals have defined principles that guide our activities and desired outcomes.

  • The goal of “Outstanding Client Satisfaction and Excellence in Service” is built upon the principle of Client Outcomes. We are person-centered in everything we do at ADEC.
  • The goal of “Great Workforce. Great Workplace” is guided by the principle of Organizational Effectiveness.
  • Our “Highest Quality Standards” goal is guided by Program Excellence.
  • Our fourth goal “Target, Smart Growth” is led by Expansion.
  • And our fifth goal “Financial Sustainability” has the guidance of Financial Outcomes

Strategic Roadmap

New for this strategic plan is a Strategic Roadmap, which you will find in the posted strategic plan on our website.

The Strategic Roadmap for fiscal years 2022 – 2024 captures the fluidity of activities and expected outcomes that help support achieving the strategic plan goals for the next three years.

ADEC services begin, exist and end with our mission – to advocate and provide informed choices and possibilities to individuals and families. As such, Client Outcomes – Client Satisfaction and Excellence in Services is at the top of the map. Everything we do, is to support this. Organization effectiveness, program excellence, expansion, financial sustainability are all principles that guide our commitment to provide excellence in services, all the remaining goals.

You will find the detail, such as expected outcomes and activities in the document.

On behalf of team ADEC and the Board of Directors, please know that our commitment to all of you is steadfast. We believe in our mission to proudly advocate for and serve people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, so they live lives full of informed choice and possibility.

Thank you.

Donna Belusar, Ph.D


Read full strategic plan here.