It’s Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) week, that time of year when we at ADEC like to recognize DSPs for all their hard work. DSPs are the wheels that keep ADEC rolling. They carry our clients down a road full of possibilities and on to a brighter future. Every day, ADEC’s DSPs help the people we serve go after their goals and explore new possibilities on the many highways of life.

DSPs keep ADEC’s day services going by helping clients learn more about the world and develop new skills. They keep clients’ creativity flowing by helping them paint a masterpiece, bake a delicious dessert, or fashion a beautiful piece of jewelry.

DSPs keep ADEC’s group homes moving by driving clients to outings, passing out medications, and assisting with physical therapy activities. They keep clients fueled up by cooking meals and assisting with feeding needs.

DSPs keep ADEC’s supported living services rolling by assisting clients with cleaning, laundry, personal care, and budgeting. They help clients go after their goals, like traveling to a new city, learning to cook, or sticking to an exercise plan, cheering on clients to the finish line.

Every day, DSPs keep ADEC going by creating a warm and safe environment for clients. Without their patience, compassion, and hard work, everything would grind to a halt. They constantly go above and beyond to help our clients pursue their dreams. ADEC depends on DSPs to provide our clients with informed choice and possibility. DSPs keep ADEC’s mission moving every day. Thank you, DSPs!