ADEC clients at the Day Service at Bristol got a surprise visit Tuesday, June 12, from a pair of Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department officers.

Corrections sergeant Yvette Martinez and officer Antoya Miller stopped by the day service to pick up four pieces of artwork created by the people ADEC serves, which to be hung in the office of sergeant Martinez.

Director of Day Services Ann Marie Amicarelli-Cruz was excited the pair of officers took the time to come out in full uniform and spend time with the people ADEC serves.

“Thank you both, and the sheriff’s department, for coming and visiting us,” said Amicarelli-Cruz. “We appreciate you coming and supporting us!”

Sergeant Martinez and officer Miller chatted with three of the ADEC artists that painted the artwork, as well as other ADEC clients at the day service. The duo talked about different aspects of their jobs and shared a few laughs with the people ADEC serves.

After taking a moment to study the artwork, sergeant Martinez was awestruck.

“I’m truly amazed at how the artists covered each part of our job [with the paintings].” she said. “Their artwork ties in exactly with what we stand for as officers.”