Ryan Tingstrom grips an air ratchet to tighten a bolt on a chair frame for Champion manufacturing. The confident look on his face shows he knows what he’s doing, he’s got this. This photo of Ryan at work at ADEC Industries and the message, “See What’s Possible” are part of a new billboard campaign for ADEC.

The billboards designed by Communications Specialist Rod Tackett will be up at five locations in Elkhart County through March to raise awareness about ADEC and the abilities of the men and women we serve. ADEC’s mission to offer choice and possibility includes building work experience at jobs some may think too technical for workers with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

In this photo, Ryan is assembling the framework for a medical chair produced by Champion. The finished chair will be used by patients undergoing kidney dialysis or other treatments. Champion is one of about 30 local manufacturers who contract with ADEC Industries for assembly and packaging jobs.

The experience Ryan and others on the ADEC Industries workforce gain using power tools and automated machinery to complete orders on a deadline prepares them for potential jobs in the manufacturing sector. A new batching machine, rebuilt bag line and a Vocational Training Center, which opened in October, expand their possibilities even more.

Preparing skilled workers to fill job openings is one more way ADEC integrates with and serves the greater Elkhart County community.

“We’re trying to build on what we have,” said Michael Clauss, senior manager at ADEC Industries. “Our workers not only have opportunities to gain skills at ADEC Industries, but opportunities to train for actual jobs in the community.”

Ryan already knows what’s possible at ADEC. Unlimited opportunities for himself, ADEC staff and community partners like Champion.

See what’s possible for you by calling 848-2440 to set up a visit or learn more.

Billboard Locations

  • 1. State Road 120 at State Road 15 in Bristol
  • 2. State Road 13 at State Road 120 E., east of Bristol
  • 3. 102 S. Division St. in downtown Bristol
  • 4. 2510 Middlebury  St. at Middleton Run Road in Elkhart
  • 5. Elkhart Ave. at Johnson St. in Elkhart neart the Johnson Street Bridge


Story by Nancy Miller / Mission Advancement Manager

Photo by Rod Tackett / Communications Specialist