ADEC’s newest pre-vocational program is “The Hub”, located in ADEC Industries. The Hub is a vibrant and active alternative to ADEC’s day services. The Hub is designed to encourage people with disabilities to set goals and work on interests that will assist them in joining the workforce. People age eighteen and older can come build on their skills and learn new skills to help them pursue employment and independent living. Community employment specialists are there to help them determine if competitive integrated employment is the right option for them.

The Hub is designed with different zones for people to explore and express their interests. The zones give people more opportunities for informed choice and possibilities, building on their independence. The zones are also great places to socialize while maintaining social distancing.

  • The Sports Zone allows people to stay active and healthy while socializing with others. This zone features ping pong, shuffleboard, basketball, air hockey, Wii, and a punching bag.
  • The Creative Zone is the place for people to express their artistic side and find ways to make an income by using their gifts and talents. Some creative activities include art, sewing, and card making.
  • The Hangout Zone brings people together to socialize. This zone gives people an opportunity to build their skills in public speaking, making choices, and learning.
  • The Carpentry Zone is an area to build fine motor skills and technology skills by using a CNC machine. This zone is designed for people who enjoy woodworking and want to learn how to use the machine to produce products for sale.
  • The Technology Zone is designed to explore and learn about skills that can be used in the workplace. Trainings include typing, resume building, coding, budgeting, and web browsing.

At The Hub, the day starts with coffee and socializing with peers. This provides the independent engagement that would happen in the workplace. It is intended to build and enhance social skills. After that, time is set aside for everyone to talk about events and plans for the day. It allows people to discuss topics of interest and stay in tune with what is happening in the world. It is also a means to practice public speaking and forum discussion.

The next activity is the energy zone. This is a time to learn ways to stay healthy and the benefits of being active. People can use the equipment in the sports zone, the exercise track, or take part in group exercise.

After that is skills training. People work with mentors to build skills that can be used for employment and independent living. This is an opportunity to learn and work towards short-term and life-long goals. Activity options include typing, finances, CNC and woodworking, sewing, robotics, volunteering, office and small business skills, and more.

No matter which zone you’re in, the Hub is full of opportunities for exploration, socialization, and learning. What a great way to spend your day!

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