Dear #teamADEC–

Today I am pleased to deliver a special announcement to all ADEC employees and to all hopeful new hires that are considering joining this extraordinary organization. Today, I am announcing a special sustainability bonus that will be given out to all employees in two payments over the next six months.

First, though, a message of thanks. Thank You, to each one of you for your commitment to those we serve and our programs over these past many months as we continue to experience the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. I know it has been a long nine months with lots of work hours and personal sacrifices as all of us work to achieve our mission of hope and lives full of choice and possibility. I am grateful and thankful, and I know our clients and families feel the same.

Since the official pandemic was announced, ADEC has spent nearly $600,000 on additional compensation items above and beyond base wages and overtime. This included such items as covering health insurance premiums, appreciation bonus, hazard pay, additional weekend shift payments, and Covid Paid-Leave for quarantined absences.

We continue to implement our quarterly wage initiative increase to eligible employees. And, most recently every member of #teamadec received a 4% merit increase.

So, what is this Sustainability Bonus ADEC is announcing today to all employees? Well, it is our way of giving to you additional economic support and relief.

In May of this year, the Family and Social Services Administration of Indiana announced availability of funding to support certain providers who had been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through closure of suspended services. This funding, called Sustainability Grants, was awarded to agencies like ADEC to stay open, by providing temporary financial assistance. The monies are intended to provide some financial support to help maintain staff and facilities and to enable agencies to continue providing services during the public pandemic emergency. ADEC Thanks Indiana FSSA and the Division of Disability and Rehabilitative Services for offering this temporary relief.

ADEC applied for these Sustainability Grants and recently received this funding. Thank you to our fantastic financial support team we have in ADEC for pursuing the funding and meeting all the requirements.

Today, I am announcing the 100% of these awarded monies are going back to you, employees of #teamadec.

Every active employee will be receiving a personal letter sent to your home address. This will tell you the amount of your bonus payment you will received if you are still actively employed in ADEC in the same role and status. This Sustainability Bonus payment will be given out in two payments over the next six months for active employees: the December 11 paycheck and the April 2 paycheck.

The total amount of your bonus depends upon your role and employment status. The minimum for all full-time employees hired before September 1 is $600. So, please check your U.S. postal mail for an ADEC letter announcing your bonus. And all new hires looking to join our team can look forward to an April bonus payment as well.

I also want to share that ADEC will be increasing our starting wages for new hires by $1 / hour. Look for more information on that coming out shortly.

ADEC is extremely pleased to support our most valuable resource – our employees because they ensure ADEC will continue providing services to individuals served. As a reminder, all employees have access to PPE – from masks, to goggles, gown, shoe coverings, to disinfectant products. Please continue to be safe and follow the protocols and procedures we have in place. Avoid large gatherings, practice social distancing when possible, keep diligent on personal hygiene and
washing hands, and wear masks.

In closing, on behalf of the executive management team and the Board of Directors, a heartfelt Thank You to all ADEC employees.

Be Safe and Be Well. Thank you.