A large part of ADEC’s mission is ensuring our neighbors with disabilities feel a sense of belonging to their community and live a life of their own through those engagements. At ADEC, we offer an immediate solution to individuals with disabilities who are dependent on family and friends for transportation. They don’t need to find someone to give them a ride, because we pick them up!

We offer round- trip transportation for the individuals we serve at multiple locations: ADEC’s day services located in Bristol, Goshen, Elkhart, Middlebury, and South Bend, as well as Skills Training at The Hub. Additionally, each group home has its own wheelchair-accessible van to take residents to the grocery store, bank, library, and other outings. This is one of the many ways ADEC works to help clients find independence and create a life of their own.

Imagine how much money you spend on your vehicle each year — add up the gas you put in your tank, your registration fees, new tires, repairs, and unexpected expenses. Maintaining a bus is more costly than a passenger vehicle. And when you’re maintaining 60 buses, those costs add up quickly. When you support ADEC’s transportation services, you’re helping to drive independence and dignity for the people we serve.

“Without the ADEC bus and drivers, I would not be able to get to work at ADEC Industries. I make friends on the bus and the bus drivers are nice and helpful.”

Stephen, transportation client
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