ADEC provides meaningful and fulfilling employment to its clients.

Let’s get to work

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities deserve the opportunity to find dignity and meaning in work as well as make productive contributions to the community through work. ADEC is proud to offer resources to assist in employment.

ADEC Industries employs individuals with disabilities to perform high-quality packaging and assembly work for industrial customers across the country. Employees also manufactures the Silver Linings trash bags that are used in state government offices in Indiana. The factory operates as a safe space for those who require a little more patience and time to complete a task. Employees pick up valuable job skills while also earning a paycheck. Jobs performed at ADEC industries include:

• shrink wrapping,
• skin packaging
• bagging
• clam shelling
• boxing
• parts assembly
• punching
• die cutting
• heat sealing
• batch counting

At ADEC Industries, we serve a variety of industrial customers with high-quality packaging and assembly services while providing a competitive integrated employment setting.

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    Give the gift of employment.

    ADEC Industries provides vital job opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Elkhart County. Without ADEC Industries, many of the individuals we serve would lose their lifeline toward community employment and independence.

    Your donation helps to provide employment opportunities and skilled training to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Donate today and help someone realize the joy of meaningful work.