Connecting businesses with qualified, job-ready candidates.

ADEC takes pride in providing choice and possibility upon the individuals we serve. However, we are equally committed to extending these choices and opportunities to businesses, employers, and community partners through our community employment services program.

Over the years, we have assisted employers in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties in filling vacant positions with pre-screened, skilled, qualified, and job-ready candidates. Our community employment program collaborates with employers and businesses spanning various industries, including but not limited to environmental, food service, healthcare, hospitality, human services, manufacturing, non-profit, office/clerical, production, and retail.

Hiring individuals with disabilities not only enriches the diversity of your workforce but also provides avenues for professional and personal growth among your current employees. Additionally, it contributes to the overall prosperity of your community and promotes greater societal awareness.

“Working with the ADEC employment program has been a very positive experience not only for our ADEC employees, but for Poly Electronics as a whole. To be a very small part of such a big mission in making a difference in people’s lives has been a great blessing for all of us at Poly Electronics.”

Brian Mitchell, Poly Electronics Vice President of Operations
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Questions About Community Employment?

    Partner with ADEC.

    Below are just a few reasons why employers choose ADEC to help them with their hiring needs:

    Reputation & Recognition – ADEC has been a part of the community and providing quality services for 65 years.

    No Cost to Employer – Placement service and support is free.

    Extra Support for Employee & Employer – ADEC provides job coaching, training and assistance from an Employment Consultant.