Participants build employability skills through hands-on learning.

From health and nutrition to career research, Skills Training can help you get where you want to go.

ADEC’s Skills Training program is dedicated to assisting participants in discovering and
utilizing their individual abilities in the workplace, at home, and within the community through
interactive classroom instruction and activity. The program is open to all individuals with
intellectual and developmental disabilities interested in joining the workforce. It is not a
one-size-fits-all program but is instead customized to each participant’s diverse needs and
individual goals with the intention of promoting personal growth in maximizing functional ability, independence, and exposure to daily life activities.

Activities focus on skills within six broad domains and is taught through structured individual and group instruction, hands-on vocational stations, recreational activities, community involvement, and building relationships with local employers.

The domains are:

• Communication & Technology
• Community Safety
• Independent Living
• Pre-Vocational Skills
• Recreation & Leisure
• Self Determination

Participants build employability skills through hands-on vocational stations, learn about nutrition and healthy living, and engage in a variety of community activities. This may include volunteering, meeting local employers, and learning about career interests. Individuals are highly encouraged to contact with their local Vocational Rehabilitation office to begin community employment services while attending the Skills Training program at The Hub.

As a participant shows growth and demonstrates mastery across the domains, they will begin moving toward the next steps of their individual journey whether that be employment, community living, and/or social engagement and development.

ADEC’s Skills Training program operates Monday through Friday, 8am to 3pm. Scheduling
is individualized, and a participant need not attend five days per week. Transportation
may be available for those that qualify.

For more information about Skills Training, email or call (574)295-3167.

What’s The Hub?

The Hub is a large repurposed industrial space attached to ADEC Industries, located on the East side of Elkhart, IN. The space is organized into specific learning areas, computer banks, and study areas to enable individuals to train for a variety of life and vocational skills.

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