ADEC’s guardianship program protects adults with disabilities and helps them with personal, medical and legal decisions.

Keeping vulnerable adults secure, safe and independent.

The 18th birthday is an important milestone, one that usually marks the first time when an individual is legally allowed to make his or her own decisions. But sometimes even adults need guidance when making important medical or financial decisions, particularly adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Sometimes there are no parents or friends in an individual’s life who are willing to take on that responsibility – or worse, sometimes those very people will use the relationship to take advantage of adults with disabilities. That’s where ADEC’s corporate guardianship program – which has been protecting adults with disabilities in northern Indiana for more than 30 years now — comes in. ADEC currently serves more than 60 adults by helping with personal decisions, advocating for them and protecting them.


• Visit client a minimum of twice a month
• Remain on-call 24/7
• Ensure services are delivered as indicated by client plan
• Attend all client meetings
• Attend medical appointments
• Advocate for medical concerns, issues, and treatments
• Review medical records, goals, and behavior data
• Monitor finances
• Write reports to the court
• Ensure clients are free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation
• End of life decisions
• Many other responsibilities

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Guardianship Referral

“Without ADEC, I would still be in the same hellhole I was born into. I’m happy now. I don’t have anybody beating me up anymore, or anybody trying to hurt me. Plus, I get to go to the doctor when I’m sick. It feels so good to make my own decisions.”

Rosemary Poe, guardianship client
individuals served
certified guardian advocates on staff
believe their guardian advocates are supportive and encouraging

    Unfunded but essential.

    ADEC does not receive state or federal funding for its guardianship program, and about 15 percent of the individuals represented receive no other services from ADEC.

    By donating to ADEC, you are providing dignity to some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community.