Moving Moments from Ride-A-Bike 2013

2023-02-10T17:44:25-05:00May 23rd, 2013|A Life of Their Own, Community, Dignity, Families|

Every ADEC Ride-A-Bike has memorable and moving moments. The slideshow embedded in my mind from past Ride-A-Bikes includes scenes of Family Strength: the Stern-Gilberts whose son Micah, the perpetual youth pledge winner, wins so many bicycles he gives one away; the Nickels whose [...]

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In It Together

2023-02-10T17:41:16-05:00May 9th, 2013|A Life of Their Own, Community, Dignity|

Getting married is one of those rites we take for granted. Some prospective grooms still follow tradition and ask fathers for the bride’s hand, but couples don’t really need permission to marry as long as they’re of legal age. If [...]

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Purpose Matters

2023-02-10T17:30:42-05:00May 1st, 2013|A Life of Their Own, Dignity, Employment|

Purpose Matters There are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of variables included in the equation for personal happiness and fulfillment. Few variables are as impactful or important as how we make sense of our value to society. How we [...]

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