ADEC’s dynamic Duo Team of Chacriyar Chhuon and Kyle Hankins  finished the 2015 Chicago Marathon in about seven hours Sunday, making ADEC and marathon history. This was the first year athletes with disabilities requiring assistance from a partner were allowed in the race as Duo Teams, and only four Duos entered —  three wheelchair rider and runners (including Yar and Kyle) and one blind runner with an assistant. Yar and Kyle inspired us all! Click to read a story in today’s Elkhart Truth.

Nearing the finish! (Valerie Cox) sized for web

Yar and Kyle near the finish of the 2015 Chicago Marathon. (ADEC photo by Valerie Cox)

Smiling after the run (Jim) sized for web

Donna Belusar, ADEC President/CEO, congratulates Yar and Kyle after the marathon. (ADEC photo by Jim Miller)


Kyle and Yar show friends from ADEC their medals. (ADEC photo by Jennifer Dudding)

Ashley with the Kleenex crew (Jim)

Ashley Stevens (center), Yar’s wife, stands with a video crew from Kleenex who followed Yar and Kyle at the marathon. (ADEC photo by Jim Miller)