Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week 2021 kicks off September 12th and runs through September 18th, honoring the hard work that our DSP’s do to support our neighbors living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This week is an important week at ADEC because we are able to shine the spotlight on our amazing field staff, whose commitment to our clients has made it possible to serve our counties for nearly 70 years. Through these challenging months brought on by pandemic, our DSP’s have never stopped being essential heroes in our community. We are so grateful for their passion and dedication to the people we serve.

What does a DSP do in a day?

From the time they walk through the door, our direct support professionals are preparing a safe and inviting space for our neighbors living with disabilities to experience choices and possibilities. In ADEC’s programs, our DSPs are hard at work assisting individuals as they learn new vocational skills and experience fulfilling days as members of the community. DSPs are also there to help when an individual has a need of any kind, from assistance with eating to communicating, daily care assistance, and more. In residential settings, DSP’s work with individuals to help meet goals established to improve their lives, aide in meal preparation, provide daily care assistance, and build trusting relationships so that they can provide the best support and care possible.

ADEC’s Vision:

The acronym behind ADEC’s name represents our vision for our neighbors living with disabilities, a vision that could not be realized without the amazing hearts of our DSPs. Here is a glimpse of how this vision is brought to life through our DSP’s hard work each day:

A Life of Their Own:

ADEC firmly believes that all people have a right to a life of their own, full of informed choice and possibility. DSPs work to ensure our neighbors living with disabilities have options in their day and that they understand those options. Whether it is creating works of art, learning to sew, developing computer skills, or other vocational opportunities, our DSPs encourage individuals to seek out their passions and live the lives that they want to live.


We could not be prouder of the commitment of our DSPs to providing safe and dignified care to our neighbors. With dedicated training and procedures, our DSPs make sure to establish professional relationships that build trust and ensure the best quality of care possible for every individual served by ADEC.


Our DSPs encourage the individuals we serve to go after their dreams and to find meaningful employment if they are interested. Whether it is assistance through pre-vocational activities or helping to reach important physical or social milestones, our DSPs continuously advocate for the people we serve.


Thanks to the dedication of our DSPs, the individuals we serve continue to have access and engage with community initiatives and events. Whether having a blast at the fair, bowling a perfect game, or volunteering for local food banks, the individuals we serve are empowered by our DSPs to be a part of and have a voice in the community.

Thank You DSPs

We cannot thank our direct support professionals enough for their tireless dedication to supporting our neighbors living with disabilities. Follow ADEC on Facebook and Instagram all week to see highlights of the amazing work they do to make our community a better, more inclusive place to live.

We love our DSPs!